The UTX®, was designed and developed by Dr. Nils van Leerdam, of Ambroise Holland bv. It is a lightweight, less than two pounds, knee-ankle-foot orthosis that stabilizes the knee during the stance phase of gait but enables knee flexion during swing phase. At the end of swing phase, as the knee reaches full extension, a ratchet engages to stabilize the knee. A cable runs inside the distal side member from the ankle joint to the knee joint. At the end of stance phase, as the ankle dorsiflexes, this cable linkage causes the knee joint to unlock and destabilize the knee.

The UTX® is also available as a non-stance control KAFO model, "Stable", that locks and unlocks by control of the user. Other models of the UTX® are also available including an "FS" (frontal stability) model to control genu valgum.

The UTX® is a custom fabricated orthoses and must be ordered through our Central Fabrication Department.

UTX® Products



The UTX® is a line of custom stance control KAFOs that stabilize the knee during the stance phase of gait, but enables knee flexion during swing phase. Learn More



The UTX®-FS offers additional support of the knee in the coronal plane for valgus or varus instabilities. The UTX®-FS ensures optimal stability while walkings. Learn More



The UTX®-Post provides additional control of the knee in the sagittal plane for patients with genu recurvatum. Learn More



The UTX-ESC is a UTX-SWING integrated with a custom AFO. The coupling of the AFO to the UTX enables both the SWING function, while also providing optimal support to the ankle. Learn More



The UTX ESF combines the UTX-STABIL or a UTX-FREE with a custom AFO to provide optimal control over both the ankle and knee. Learn More

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