Triple Action® Stance/Swing Control Ankle Joint

The Triple Action Stance/Swing Control Ankle Joint is designed to provide highly adjustable control of the lower extremity during both the stance and swing phases of gait. The component excels in the treatment of complex neuromuscular disorders. Alignment, plantarflexion resist, and dorsiflexion resist are independently adjustable, which help to simplify optimization. The component delivers high resistance, permitting mobilization of the ankle through both the stance and swing phases of gait. The Triple Action should be considered for patients with combined ankle and knee deficits, as well as patients with clinical presentations that may change over time, as with recovery or progression of a neuromuscular disorder.

Triple Action® Products

Adult 2.0 Triple Action®
The Triple Action stance/swing control ankle joint provides independent adjustment features that correspond to the phases of the gait cycle, while also providing simplification and optimization of alignment and range-of-motion. More.
Pediatric Triple Action®
The Pediatric Triple Action Stance/Swing Control Ankle Joint was developed by Becker Orthopedic to provide control of the lower limb through all phases of the gait cycle. The component is small, lightweight and durable. More.
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