Introduced to the orthotic-prosthetic industry in 1995, the Tamarack Flexure Joint® is considered the industry's most widely used thermoformable orthotic joint for custom articulated and semi-custom braces. Today, Tamarack manufactures a comprehensive lineup of joints and accessories from the company's headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

In addition, Tamarack manufactures an extensive line of products to help prevent footwear and medical device-related skin breakdown under the ShearBan® and GlideWear® brands.

Tamarack Products

GlideWear® Prosthetic Liner Patches
GlideWear® Prosthetic Liner Patches are indicated for amputees who encounter irritation and skin breakdown from their liner or socket. More.
Tamarack Flexure
Tamarack Flexure Joints® are considered the industry's most widely used thermoformable orthotic joint option for custom and semi-custom articulating ankle-foot orthoses and other lower and upper limb articulating brace configurations. More.
Tamarack Plantarflexion Limiter Kit®
An adjustable motion control option for the Tamarack Flexure Joint® line. More.
Tamarack Flexure Joint Caps are a uniquely designed external mounting option for installing Tamarack Flexure Joints on upper or lower limb orthotic devices. More.
Tamarack Molding Dummies
Tamarack Molding Dummies are reusable five to ten times. They are strongly recommended to create a snug, recessed cavity for the Tamarack Flexure Joints™ or Tamarack Dorsiflexion Assist Flexure Joints™.More.
ShearBan® is a low friction interface material manufactured with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) film that applies directly to footwear, insoles and orthopedic devices to protect skin from damaging friction and shear trauma. More.
The Clevisphere ankle joint features a spherical hinge which can rotate about any axis with a 24° conical range. This feature provides for automatic co-alignment of the medial and lateral joint axes. More.
Variable Assist®
The Tamarack Variable Assist allows the practitioner to adjust the assist moments of the Tamarack Dorsiflexion Assist ankle joints to any value from zero to nearly three times what is possible with standard installation. More.
Tamarack Spanner Wrench
he Spanner Wrench Tool has a spring loaded retractable center pin, which helps hold and align the flange nut for easier installation of the dorsiflexion assist joints. More.
Tamarack Hand Punch
The Tamarack Hand Punch quickly and easily produces precisely located holes for installing Tamarack Flexure Joint hardware. More.