The Triple Action® Ankle Joint is designed to provide highly adjustable active ankle control of the lower extremity during all phases of the gait cycle. The component excels in the orthotic treatment of complex disorders, such as stroke, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy.


Introduced to the orthotic-prosthetic industry in 1995, the Tamarack Flexure Joint® is considered the industry's most widely used thermoformable orthotic joint for custom-articulated and semi-custom braces. Today, Tamarack manufactures a comprehensive lineup of joints and accessories from the company's headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Stance control orthoses (SCO's) on the other hand, allow the patient's knee to flex during the swing phase of gait and block flexion in stance phase for stability. An SCO's ability to provide knee flexion during swing phase allows patients to walk with less effort and a more symmetrical gait pattern.

The UTX®, was designed and developed by Dr. Nils van Leerdam, of Ambroise Holland bv. It is a lightweight, less than two pounds, knee-ankle-foot orthosis that stabilizes the knee during the stance phase of gait but enables knee flexion during swing phase. Learn More.

SpineCor is a dynamic system that utilizes postural re-education to change spinal shape and loading. It is currently available in two models: The original Pediatric Dynamic Corrective Brace for the treatment of idiopathic scoliosis and the new Comfort Plus Brace for both pediatrics and adults.