Pacific Adjustable Collar With Thoracic Extension

The Daytona Cervical Orthosis (DCO) Is comfortable, lightweight and easily applied. It effectively immobilizes the cervical spine by restricting motion in flexion and extension. The DCO may be applied postoperatively after cervical fusion and can be used effectively after HALO removal or in other situations when external stability of the cervical spine is required. The DCO is delivered complete with a body sock and an additional set of mandibular and occipital liners.

The Pacific™ Adjustable Collar is now also available with an optional mandibular pad featuring GlideWear Low Friction Technology to further enhance patient comfort and reduce skin irritation.

The responsibility of accurate coding lies with the patient care facility that is billing for the product and service. The HCPCS Alpha-Numeric System is subject to revisions and periodic updates and should be consulted prior to billing.