Becker GEO AFO

The Becker GEO AFO is a prefabricated, carbon composite evaluation orthosis used to assess the benefit of an AFO on ankle and knee stability. Based on the Triple Action ankle joint, the GEO AFO can also help determine the appropriate booster spring configuration for definitive Triple Action AFOs. Additionally, the GEO AFO may be used as a therapeutic aid for patient rehabilitation and mobilization. The Becker GEO AFO is designed to be used with the Becker's evidence-based Systematic Tuning Procedure for Triple Action Ankle Joints, which allows clinicians to quickly and easily tune the orthosis to determine the unique supportive needs of the patient. Ankle alignment, plantarflexion / dorsiflexion spring stiffness and range of motion are all independently adjustable to help simplify tuning. The Becker GEO AFO comes fully assembled and includes adjustment tool kit, product manual, tuning procedure and carrying case.

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