Becker Patient Care combines state-of-the-art computer aided design and optical scanning with the latest technology to provide patients with the most advanced prosthetic limbs available. Our clinicians will design and fabricate a device that will provide the desired function, while also ensuring the most comfortable fit. We will listen and work closely with the patient throughout the rehabilitation process to ensure the device provides optimum comfort and function. Our patients receive a detailed education on the use and care of their device, along with information on personal care, hygiene, exercise and activities. Questions regarding design, fabrication and function of the device are encouraged and fully addressed by our staff.


  • Pre-surgical consultation
  • Post-surgical/pre-prosthetic management
  • Design, fabrication and fitting of custom prosthetic devices
  • Prosthetic fitting, treatment planning and rehabilitation
  • Patient education and follow-up care


Lower Limb
  • Microprocessor knees and ankles
  • SACH, elastic keel, single/multi-axis & dynamic response prosthetic feet
  • Vacuum-assisted socket design
  • Sports prostheses
  • Cosmetic covers
Upper Limb
  • Body powered and myoelectric limbs
  • Partial hand prostheses
  • Activity specific prostheses and terminal devices
  • Cosmetic covers