Becker Patient Care offers state-of-the-art orthotic technology to provide patients with the most advanced orthoses available. Our clinicians will design and fabricate a device at our own world-class central fabrication facility that will provide the desired function, while also ensuring the most comfortable fit. We will listen and work closely with the patient throughout the rehabilitation process to ensure the device provides optimum comfort and function. Our patients receive a detailed education on the use and care of their device, along with information on personal care, hygiene, exercise and activities. Questions regarding design, fabrication and function of the device are encouraged and fully addressed by our staff.


  • Biomechanical and clinical evaluation
  • Design, fabrication, and fitting of custom and prefabricated orthotic devices
  • Patient education and follow-up care


Lower Limb
  • Ankle orthoses
  • Knee orthoses
  • Stance control KAFOs, KAFOs, AFOs, FES
  • Pediatrics: Cascade DAFO®
Upper Limb
  • Wrist hand orthoses
  • MyoPro® powered elbow orthosis, fracture management
  • Shoulder orthoses
  • Cranial remolding orthoses
  • Post-operative bracing, idiopathic and neuromuscular scoliosis
  • Cervical collars, CTOs, Halos
  • Diabetic shoes
  • Custom-molded and pre-molded foot orthoses for diabetic or athletic applications
  • Custom, custom-molded, and post-surgical shoes