Core Features

MILINE ankle joint

Double Action

  • Long ROM springs and motion limiter included
  • Booster Spring Options for extended applications
  • Systematic Tuning Procedure for MILINE™ Double Action Ankle Joints
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MILINE Double Action

Standard Action

  • Interchangeable with all MILINE stirrups to provide free motion at the ankle
  • MILINE standard action stirrups feature marked stirrup heads for optional adjustment of motion stop angle
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MILINE Standard Action

Dorsiflexion Assist

  • Long ROM spring with motion limiter standard
  • Plantarflexion resist booster spring options for extended applications
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MILINE Dorsiflexion


Weight Chart

System Size Unilateral Bilateral
13mm Systems 50 kg / 110 lb 80 kg / 176 lb
16mm Systems 85 kg / 187 lb 120 kg / 264.5 lb
20mm Systems 110 kg / 242.5 lb 160 kg / 352.5 lb

Spring Options

MILINE spring options


Stirrup Options

  • Interchangeable with all MILINE ankle components
  • High strength fatigue and corrosion resistant steel
  • Heavy duty options available
  • Extendable service life

Upright Options

Lamination Upright

Made of heavy-duty stainless steel

Optional Accessories

Fabrication Tool Kit

The Fabrication Tool Kit can be used for both unilateral and bilateral orthotic designs with all three MILINE sizes