Modular Laminated AFO

A new modern design approach inspired us to combine the conveniences of a modular system with the rigidity and lightweight characteristics of composites to create a user friendly laminated system. Components can now be easily detached from the orthosis for ease of fitting, adjustment and replacement. This is achieved by fabricating the laminated sections of the orthosis around the metal components and attaching them with standard screws. The streamlined design of the Modular Laminated AFO provides for cosmetic appeal and an overall reduction in the weight of the orthosis (a typical AFO weighs only 1.5 pounds). Options: • Rotational Control and non-rotational control models available • Diagnostic-check-orthosis (DCO) to ensure a proper fit. NOTE: We stock a complete range of Becker orthotic components. Other manufacturers components may be specified, however these options will include additional charges.