Step Into The Future

Becker Central Fabrication now offers two methods for ordering AFO's From Scan in metal and leather, thermoplastic and composite designs.

Option 1

Becker 3D App File Transfer with Structure Scanner
(HIPAA compliant)

Use your Structure Scanner equipped iPad and our new Becker 3D app to seamlessly transfer your 3D model and work order to us for fabrication. Everything you need is contained in the app!

Download Becker Orthopedic 3D on the Apple App Store

Option 2

General File Transfer Using
(GDPR compliant)

If you do not have a Structure Scanner, you can still send your STL, or OBJ files and work order using Please follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Scan Model
  1. Scan model with units set to millimeters (mm).

    IMPORTANT: The adduction/abduction position of the forefoot will not be altered during production and the width of the metatarsal heads taken from the positive model will be assumed to have been captured in the mold in simulated weight bearing.
Step 2: Send All Files Using

Transfer your 3D model and Becker AFO Order Form to Becker Central Fabrication using only Using this protocol will help to ensure on-time delivery of your order.

  1. Set the units for export on your 3D model to millimeters (mm).
  2. Export and save your file as an STL, or OBJ file type.
  3. Rename the file using the Patient Name as the file name with the STL, or OBJ file extension.
  4. Transfer all files to Becker Central Fabrication using
  5. At the prompt, please enter the following information:
Your email:
Patient Name
Send As:
Email Transfer
+ Add your files
Attach your Becker AFO Order Form and STL, or OBJ file.
You will receive an email confirmation that your files were successfully received.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to include one of the Becker AFO Order Forms listed below with your file transfer.